Gina is an Alabama native living and working in rural Northern Virginia (by way of FL and NC).  She is a self taught artist working in mixed media and encaustic.  

"My work is a visual representation of an emotional response to all the things I experience on any ordinary day. It comes from a place of resolution, gratitude and ultimately happiness.  There’s no deep social or political commentary to my work, nor am I trying to emulate one of the greats or to match your sofa. It’s simply a series of reactions. 

Human behavior fascinates me. I have a background in Mental Health Counseling and more recently Applied Behavior Analysis.  What compels us to do the things we do,  and more importantly, why do we do some of them only once and others repeatedly? It’s about taking in what is presented to us, whatever it is, processing that in whatever way is most functional for us at that moment, and then responding to the original stimulus.  I feel that I approach each step of my work the same way.  

I often begin a piece with text written in charcoal, depending on what is in my head I may cover the canvas repeatedly.  This is the first layer, sort of the seed from which the piece will grow.  Sometimes it is poetry or song lyrics, sometimes a running stream of consciousness or a list of things for which I’m thankful, and other times, it starts with sadness, processing grief or anger.  But it just starts there, with that seed of thought and charcoal.  It quickly grows as that text is mostly covered with collaged shapes, weight, lightness, darkness and color.  It is then finally brought to a more expressive, gestural energy with paint and ink.  I work in many layers, as many as it takes, frequently tucking things in or masking something out, sometimes repeating the entire process.  It’s completely process driven, a back and forth, an energetic dialogue of responses and reactions.  The resulting surfaces are thick; marred and textured, usually riddled with hushed secrets."

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